Первый блок
Второй блок

Some days ago I celebrated my birthday. I always wait for it with great pleasure. It's a pity that birthdays come only once a year. They are of great fun for (1) children. I was born on the 15th of May 1987. So, according to Zodiac signs (2) I am Taurus (3). This is a rather positive sign. It symbolizes (4) people who tend to be slow, deliberate (5) and slightly ponderous (6) in the expression of their ideas. They seldom impose (7) their thoughts and ideas to others; they are rather conservative (8) in word and thought.

My parents organized a lovely birthday party for me. I usually invite only my best friends and relatives for my birthday party. My mother baked a large tasty cake and put 15 candles (9) in, one for each year. There were many presents on the table. When I saw them I cut the strings (10) as fast as I could. I wanted to know what was inside the parcels. It was so exciting to observe all presents. On my birthday I got a lovely picture from my brother, two interesting English books Alice in Wonderland by L. Carrol and Robinson Crusoe by D. Defoe from my aunt and uncle. A box with cassette recordings of my favorite singers with love and good wishes were from my parents, and an enormous (11) box of chocolates was from my friend Tanya. They all wished me many happy returns of the day. Besides, there were many birthday cards which I had got before. My grandmother congratulated me with a beautiful bunch of roses (12) that she had cut specially for my birthday. We spent a wonderful time together. We danced, sang songs, listened to popular music, played different funny (13) games.

I liked my birthday party greatly.