Трехколоночная модель.

When you are 16 or 17, you want to be treated like an adult (1), to be more independent in your actions and your way of life. You want to develop interests and values different from those of your parents. That sets a conflict between the two generations, the generation gap (2). Young people disagree on different problems: the time to come home at night, doing work about the house, the friends to spend free time with, what clothes to wear and so on. At this period of our life we face a number of problems: difficulties in our relationships (3) with parents, problems at school, drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Different TV programmes and magazines for the young come to help teenagers, give a piece of advice. In case of need you can also dial a special telephone number, the so-called 'telephone of trust'.


But it's not the way out. Parents should help their children though it is difficult to be tolerant (4) and to find the right approach to them. We need to learn to talk our problems over (5) in our family. If we are able to do it everything will be all right.

I live in a block of flats in one of the residential areas of my town. My flat is situated on the seventh floor. Sometimes there is much noise in it in the evening. When the lift is faulty (1) it is very hard to get to the flat on foot.

I often think about an ideal house I would live in. It would be situated in one of the suburbs (2) of the town. There would be no noisy neighbors to disturb me from enjoying peace and quiet of the silence. The house would have two floors, a basement and an attic. There would

There would be many rooms in the house of my dream: a living-room, a study, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a lavatory. There might be two or even three balconies in the house. All the rooms would be properly furnished and supplied With necessary technical appliances (4) : TV-sets, musical centre, computer with an access (5) to Internet and air conditioners. The house would have all modern conveniences: running cold and hot water, electricity and gas. Instead of the central heating, each room would have a fireplace that would heat the air in cold winter and autumn months.

I also dream about a small swimming pool and a large grassy playground. In summer I would invite my friends and relatives to visit me and spend a good time together, swimming in the pool, playing badminton or golf. After this we would sunbathe and drink fresh cocktails.

I also would like to have a green-house on the territory of my residence. I would keep rare plants from all over the world and take care of them there. The people would come there just to admire their divine (6) beauty.

In the future when I grow up, graduate from the university and get a well-paid job, I'll definitely buy the house I'm dreaming about now.

Some days ago I celebrated my birthday. I always wait for it with great pleasure. It's a pity that birthdays come only once a year. They are of great fun for (1) children. I was born on the 15th of May 1987. So, according to Zodiac signs (2) I am Taurus (3). This is a rather positive sign. It symbolizes (4) people who tend to be slow, deliberate (5) and slightly ponderous (6) in the expression of their ideas. They seldom impose (7) their thoughts and ideas to others; they are rather conservative (8) in word and thought.

My parents organized a lovely birthday party for me. I usually invite only my best friends and relatives for my birthday party. My mother baked a large tasty cake and put 15 candles (9) in, one for each year. There were many presents on the table. When I saw them I cut the strings (10) as fast as I could. I wanted to know what was inside the parcels. It was so exciting to observe all presents. On my birthday I got a lovely picture from my brother, two interesting English books Alice in Wonderland by L. Carrol and Robinson Crusoe by D. Defoe from my aunt and uncle. A box with cassette recordings of my favorite singers with love and good wishes were from my parents, and an enormous (11) box of chocolates was from my friend Tanya. They all wished me many happy returns of the day. Besides, there were many birthday cards which I had got before. My grandmother congratulated me with a beautiful bunch of roses (12) that she had cut specially for my birthday. We spent a wonderful time together. We danced, sang songs, listened to popular music, played different funny (13) games.

I liked my birthday party greatly.